Are YOU Pilot Season Ready???

Pilot Season

Pilot Season is here, you know that time of the year (January-April) when producers cast pilot episodes for new shows that may or may not be aired in the fall depending on the feedback they get. This is a perfect time for actors to get their chance at getting a role to help their acting careers.

You may be asking yourself: “How do I get auditions for pilot season?” Some may say that in order for you to get an audition you need an agent, some may say you don’t. We encourage you to be ready and have one. Agents have the connections with the casting directors, making it easier for you to be submitted and seen by them.

Here are some tips to be ready for pilot season:

  • Keep your tools updated, such as headshots, resume, and reels.
  • You be surprised how outdated your pictures can become. Take the time to go thru your acting profiles and update your headshots, your resume, your skills as you learn more. Press the and true and accurate version of you and folks will appreciate it.
  • Update your Website.
  • Have a self-tape system ready.
  • Have an acting coach on speed dial.
  • Stay healthy and sleep well.
  • Work on your cold reading and auditioning skills. Stay in training (Take regular classes).
  • Do your research. Find out about the production company, the type of series you are auditioning for, the character breakdowns, etc.
  • Have fun when you audition, is what makes it worth it.
  • When done, forget about it! Remember you can’t win them all, but you can for sure enjoy the process.
  • Build a good relationship with your agent. Attend any functions or activities they host. Your agent can guide you in your best castable character archetype, it’s not a bad to ask them so you can master this in your training.
  • Invest time in reading books about the audition process and learn from others. Be a student of the process.
  • Don’t be like anything or anyone else. A lot of actors try and act like other actors. We want to learn and meet you. Take time to master or know yourself.
  • Network! Don’t be afraid to attend a local film screening, networking mixer or event to see and network with other actors. Actors are some of coolest people on the planet!

Once you have your list on check you should feel good. Make this pilot season your time to shine.

If you are looking for a place to train, we invite you to come audit a class for free at Blank Stage Acting Studios. Check out the link for details.


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