Blank Stage Acting Studios offers a variety of acting services. Audition Tapings is one of them. Our passion for storytelling, experience with screenwriters and our screenwriting group, and our knowledge of lighting & sound, all come together for the benefit of our client. We feel this makes us perfect for your team when auditioning for a role!

If you have a Membership Package, one-hour of audition tapings is included. After that one-hour, we charge our normal 15-minute rate. If you are not a member of the studio but would like to utilize our taping services we are happy to help you.

Our Rates include coaching. However, we strongly advise you come in prepared with an idea of what you want to do in order to cut down on your time in front of the camera.


Our 190 Sqft taping room is designed to deliver the best possible audition environment. We utilize a Canon 6D camera to capture your footage along with a lavaliere microphone to capture crisp, clean sound. We have LED based lighting and various backdrop colors to meet your audition needs. Our floors are made of soundproof tiles and the walls are also lined with soundproof foam.

When your audition is complete, our team of editors uses Adobe Premiere and our state of the art computer. They will cut down the clips, title them based on audition instruction and upload/send your files where you need them to go. We normally use WeTransfer for all files unless otherwise instructed.


You can book an appointment by phone, email, or in person. We go by this rule of thumb. . . each page is about 10 minutes of time. When you schedule your appointment, we will ask you how many pages your audition is and then schedule your time accordingly. We may go over that mark or we may beat that mark. This average allows us to estimate how much time we will need to spend with you and it allows you to estimate the cost for the audition.

  1. Please come prepared. The clocks start as soon as you arrive at your appointed time. We usually have other clients waiting so it is imperative you come prepared and ready to work.
  2. Coaching is included. The better prepared you are, the less coaching you will require which means the less time and money you will spend in the taping room.
  3. We recommend solid color T-shirts. This helps with keeping full attention on you and your performances.
  4. Come in with a hard copy of your slide and also send us a copy to
  5. We do not offer any hair or makeup services so you will need to be sure that is done prior to arriving.
  6. We charge every 15-minutes. Our pricing is below.
  7. If you book, let us know! We will be happy to share your success through our network!
  8. You may bring in your own SD card for us to record your audition if you wish to edit yourself. Otherwise, we will edit and upload on your behalf. Editing cost will be applied at our normal editing rate.
  9. If you want us to upload to Actors Access or any other acting service platform, be sure to provide us with login information. You will be responsible for any associated third-party cost.



$20.00 for 15-Minute audition service


$40.00 for 30-Minute audition service


$80.00 for 60-Minute audition service

Editing Service

$10.00 Flat fee for editing auditions

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