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Teaching entrepreneurs the mechanics of improv is nothing new at Blank Stage. We have helped inspire business owners to the point where they take the creative experiences from the stage and apply it to their own endeavors. We have personally seen growth and expansion of our student’s imaginations which bring value to the bottom line of their business. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we work to practice what we teach, we test it every day. We understand the creativity it takes to be successful in business and enjoy passing on our passion to others. We love to see successful people all around us! When we offered this course several years ago and it proved to be highly beneficial for all those who participated. Many of the students even got together to write a book about their experience which you can order below.Improv to Improve Your Business


The overall goal is to have fun! Having fun through accessing the far regions of your wonderful imagination can be downright invigorating.

In this class, you are challenged through unique games and techniques. These games are designed to help the student to be actively engaged in order to solve problems critically while connecting with other students in real time. You will be using many aspects of your brain. You have to listen, respond and think on your feet. You will never know what curve balls are going to come your way! You will be thrown into situations you may never find yourself in. It’s a fun exploration into the imagination and we are all better for it!

In this ongoing class, you will embark on a great journey. You will discover the various archetypes within yourself and those around you. You will leave the class having the skills necessary to deal with people where they are at. Being put in an environment where you have to respond quickly and effectively for the scenario to play out is key. This practice, armed with the knowledge of archetypes, will set you up to handle anyone you come in contact with. You will be able to see the problems in your own business and quickly find solutions. You will meet other entrepreneurs and business owners like you as well. An added networking benefit to an already exciting and powerful class.

If you are looking for a class designed to help you in interpersonal skills, problem-solving, critically thinking, and developing your creative imagination, contact us today to learn more and register for our next available six-week session!


An increase in creative thinking
 An uptick in solving problems more effectively
 Active listening skills
Connecting to common ground
Learn to respond with positive thoughts and behaviors
Classic story mythos and teachings
Become knowledgeable in the archetypes

Our team loves the work of Napoleon Hill and Joseph Campbell. We are constantly practicing, sharing and improving on the 17 principles of success and the writer’s journey. We recognize the journey all of us are taking. We see the various archetypes play out in our professional and personal relationships. Armed with the knowledge of the writer’s journey and the 17 principles of success, you can begin to apply the same principles and philosophy to your business. 

What Our Students Say

Brent ran a series of Improv workshops that were awesome. Aside from being a pleasant diversion from my hectic work schedule, these workshops got us thinking on our feet better... made us more adaptable. And we just had fun. We also had a great show at the end to showcase our new talent to friends and family.Our next plan is to put Brent and BlankStage productions is to work, putting their videography skills to use for our company for marketing purposes. I cannot wait to see that.
Chad Massaker
As a fan of improve, I enjoy being around Blank Stage. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I think Brent is an extremely intelligent person. He recently involved my business in a remarkable experiment which used improv to demonstrate different aspects of my business. The value in doing this was that I got to see my business from a few different outside perspectives and really got to learn a lot about how other people perceive what I do. Ultimately, throughout their skits, I discovered an answer to a question that I've had for two years! Brent has an amazingly innovative approach to helping businesses with improv and I’m confident and proud to recommend him and his services.
Ryan MenedezCrepe Masters
I have used Brent Brooks and Blank Stage Productions on several occasions. His ImprovAStorm is an incredible brainstorming exercise that ANY company could and SHOULD use ESPECIALLY in these tough times. If you REALLY want to know what your prospects are thinking, ImprovAStorm is THE ticket. THRIVE America is a great way to build and enhance your credibility with both your own clientele and prospects.I can't recommend Brent highly enough. If you're serious about your product, message, and visibility, you need to know Brent Brooks. Call me. I'll be glad to take you both to lunch to make the introduction.
Brent's improv training has innovative ways to expand one's methods of communicating while giving his students the ability to add humor spontaneously. Brent is also a master at video production - both technically and creatively. Need a superb marketing video? Contact Brent!
Melissa English
Brent is amazing! His ideas are fresh, his movements are strategic and he has a strong network of people. I was impressed when I first met Brent at one of his improve classes. His thrive America shows are both informative and well produced. Brent and I have produced a networking mixer together and plan on doing even more in the near future. Mr. Brooks is one of those key people that every business person needs to have in their circle.
Erikka Tiffani Smith
Brent has an incredible talent behind the camera and directing. I first met Brent while monitoring an improv acting class he was instructing. Since then I've joined in and been regularly attending Blank Stage's Improv DoJo's class each week. I recently had Brent work on a video project for me and again his work and talent shined through. I would recommend Improv to anyone in business and if you need a quality production done Brent's your guy.
Scott WillfordvLink Solutions
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