The topic of Mock Video Audition is a valuable one for the actor. Video auditions are often the weakest aspect of an actor’s journey to landing that role. It could be fear, nerves, lack of self-confidence, etc.  At Blank Stage Acting Studios, we spend time covering the process of video auditions. The goal over a short period of time is for the student to acquire the knowledge and develop the discipline to apply that knowledge when it comes to their auditions.


  1. Script positioning
  2. Vocal volume
  3. Self-Confidence
  4. Proper Slating
  5. Audition Etiquette.

Our upper-level students will spend more focus on the application of all the techniques espoused during their class time at the studio. Refinement and repetition
is the goal. The master actor is the one who can consciously choose the character, the emotion, the feel for the role and the scene, then apply the tools and techniques at his/her command to get the desired outcome.

The topic of Monomythic Improv underscores the core set of techniques developed by Brent Brooks, the owner of Blank Stage Acting Studios. Falling in love with improv at an early age, he has spent the past 20+ years honing his understanding and mastery of the specific art of long for improv.

Monomythic Improv is a beautifully integrated system of understanding the different characters, their roles, and the emotional/psychological aspects of each of the various character archetypes. The result is the ability to produce as real of a human interaction as one could get.


  1. Understanding the Hero’s Journey
  2. Introduction to the 12 main Archetypes
  3. The emotional nature of each Archetype
  4. The Psychological nature of each Archetype
  5. Understanding the relationship between the different archetypes
  6. Practice applying monomythic principles and techniques to develop quick and sharp delivery.

Because of the nature of this topic, it underscores every other topic of focus because it is at the root of all decision an actor will make. Upper-Level students who have proved to understand the monomythic improv process will have the opportunity to audition for the Blank Stage Acting Studios “in-house” Improv Troupe run by Brent Brooks.

Spill Over is a topic that includes important information or types of knowledge an actor should be aware of but may not get covered single-handedly. This could include cold reading, mock in person auditions, connective networking, business mastery, the Meisner technique, on-set improv and more.  Every once in a while, a teacher will take a class period to focus on a spill over topic.  (depending on the class, the inquiries, and amount of interest on a particular topic, the studio is always open to doing a workshop).

Most often than not, this type of information is reserved for beginners and intermediate students.


SpotLife started in Santa Cruz, California. It was created by Clifford Henderson and Dixie Cox who sold their interest in the organization to Christine Silver in 2015. Christine has sense relocated to Atlanta and brought with her a unique class designed to help individuals overcome their fear of being on stage and speaking in front of audiences. Blank Stage Acting Studios is proud to partner with Christine and her partner Allison Gars in testing a new class at the studio. This class will be held on Wednesdays for 8 consecutive weeks starting on March 1. The classes start at 2 hours each time then about halfway through we extend them to 3 hours as each person begins to workshop their pieces.  The scheduled time for this class is 7 pm to 10 pm and the expected class schedule is as follows:

Classes 1 – 3:  Content generation and introduction to the stage

The process for the first three classes involve writing exercises, get-to-know-each-other exercises, and a lot of getting on stage to read what they’ve written, tell stories, and experiment with dialog.

Classes 4 – 6:  Making the piece come alive through staging, props, and feedback

During the first part each person finds his/her idea for the monologue. In the 4-6 classes we begin working those monologues.  We have a feedback system and each person gets feedback from everyone along the way in a safe, positive manner.  Everyone gets coaching on breathing, rehearsal, staging and blocking, memorizing, and public speaking skills.

Class 7:  Dress rehearsal

In preparation for the final performance which will be done at the studio and in front of an audience, we will be spending one class doing a full rehearsal of the performance. This will allow you to make final adjustments and work out any bugs you feel you may have.

Class 8:  Live performance (Date TBD)

Our Final class is the performance. Think of this as your graduation test and celebration all in one. After 8 hard weeks of working on your monologue, practicing your delivery, and overcoming many personal obstacles, this is your final test. The reward you personally get from overcoming your fears and putting on a fantastic performance will boost your confidence 10 fold!


Registration for classes is now open. Because this is a very personal class with a lot of one on one time with the students, the class roster is limited to 10. When we fill up, you can ask to be put on a wait and to be contacted when the next class is scheduled. You will be offered the class first. All students must pay the class fee of $350.00 prior to the first day of class.

To learn more about the class or to register, you can contact Christine Silver by phone or email:


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The are of study known as “Monologue Mastery” is the focus of memorizing, performing, and perfecting multiple different monologue’s. The importance of developing this skill can not be overemphasized. Over the course of a student’s time at Blank Stage Acting Studios, they will be asked to pick from an already existing monologue or create one from scratch.

As a Membership holder, you get the option of having your monologue’s recorded and posted on our network. The advantage of this is our network is full of casting directors, agents, producers, and filmmakers. They will be able to see new faces, improving talent, and potential cast members for upcoming projects. Also, this provides the member with current work to put on their own social profiles and acting profiles.

We also put on showcases in which members can practice getting in front of an audience to perform their piece.

On Thursday Evenings we host a business improv class. This class is designed for the business profession and entrepreneur. Have you been trying to get your business to the next level but can’t seem to see the vision? Have you ever wanted to improve your communication or critical thinking skills?

The Business Improv class at Blank Stage Acting Studios is a fun, energetic, and powerful program to help you overcome the difficulties with your business and your success.


  1. Improv to improve your business
  2. Master the Scene.
  3. Think more creatively.
  4. Problem/Solution
  5. Have Fun

Business Improv