The Blank Stage Acting Studio community forum is our way to creating a dynamic social culture within and around the studio. This forum is only going to be as great as its members and their participation. For Members of the Studio, you will have access to groups relating specifically to the studio and information important for your to know while a member. For the public, there will be various forums we have to help create connections, communication, and positive activity. Below is a list of the groups and forums we have. If you feel a need for a different group, let us know and we will be happy to create it in order to meet the needs of our participants.



This group is for those who are interested in the activities of Get Connected. We post information relative to the networking event. This includes event dates, locations, guest, movie screenings, vendors and more.


This group is for those members interested in the Kidz Connect Networking event. We will post information about dates, location, ticket sales, workshops, special guest and activities relating to Kidz Connect. Feel free to join and participate!



This group is specifically for our Studio members. Here you will find relative information regarding your membership, special offer’s and invites, studio announcements, class updates and more. You must be an active member at our studio to access and participate in this group. If you have registered as a member, request to be a member!


In this group, you will see recent updates and postings that you will find relevant to you. Join this group to get notifications when a new article, workshop, event, or member spotlight gets posted.


This is the support group. Anything that requires help from the administrator of the website can be found in this group. We are here to assist in resolving any issues, answering any questions, and helping in any way you feel with regard to the studio, the website, this social forum, our events, classes, services and more.