Blank Stage Studios, LLC is a subsidiary company underneath The Blank Stage, Inc. Originally named Blank Stage Productions, Inc, last year the company chose to change the name to reflect the broad range of business it conducts in the Atlanta film industry.   

Blank Stage Acting Studio occupies a 4500 sqft building located in beautiful Woodstock, GA off 575. Officially opening our doors in January 2017, we are happy to be building a studio in Cherokee County.

Although we are a new establishment, Brent Brooks has been involved in the film and entertainment industry for over 20 years. Graduating from Georgia Tech, Brent has devoted his life to mastering all aspects of the industry. He owned his own studio for a number of years, then taught at the Profession actors studio for 2 years while doing private coaching and furthering his own professional acting career. Brent has gained valuable knowledge in his years of teaching, acting, and doing business in the Atlanta industry and now plans to focus his efforts along with his team to developing and bring a new kind of acting studio to the Atlanta community. 

The Blank Stage isn’t just an idea. It is a mindset. A way to look at ourselves, our lives, our relationships, and our potential. By connecting with The Blank Stage, you are connecting with a culture centered around service to others and actively creating each step in your own personal journey.

Through our partnerships with GET CONNECTED and KIDZ CONNECT, and many other individuals, companies, and organizations; The Blank Stage has helped make hundreds of connections for local filmmakers, actors, agents, and screenwriters. From positive shows such as ThriveAMERICA, new idea generators like ImprovAstorm, and books on how to use improv to improve your business… The Blank Stage has an extensive history of making connections and creating a positive impact on the Atlanta film industry and the community as a whole.

Blank Stage Acting Studio is the next step. Located in Woodstock, GA, the Studio will be home base. Here you have a chance to think, reflect, and work on your craft. It is an opportunity to not just book roles, but rather create them! You will be pushed. You will be mentored. And you will be connected to like-minded individuals all playing their part on the blank stage. Be ready to explore the untapped limits of your own wonderful imagination and join us today!



At Blank Stage Acting Studio, you will find unique opportunities, services, and structure that set us apart from other studios. This doesn’t make us better than other studio’s, it simply means we’re different. 

Here are a few things that make us different.

1. Blank Stage Studios trains on character archetypes and the writer’s journey as explained by Joseph Campbell.

2. Our membership-based platform saves our student’s money, accelerate their progress and provide them access to opportunities within the growing Atlanta film industry.

3. A community forum designed for networking, making connections and building fruitful, lasting relationships.

4. Our partnerships with Get Connected and Kidz Connect provides our students with an outlet for opportunities within the Atlanta film community.

5. An active screenwriter collaborative designed to provide original scripts to actors and help screenwriters flush out ideas for their characters and story-line.  

6. An Improv showcase that allows our advanced students the opportunity to put on an improv show, practice what they learn, and earn extra money in the process. 


The Studio’s primary focus is teaching, coaching, and inspiring actors of all ages. We developed our program to different from traditional acting studios. At Blank Stage Studios, you have the opportunity to audit classes for free and join our beginner classes which are on-going. Once you advance beyond the beginning classes, your options increase. You have the opportunity to rotate between the various classes. The benefit to this is you are less likely to (1) get burnt out and (2) expose you to different teachers, programs, and learning styles. 

Private coaching is available to Studio Members only. We strongly recommend private coaching be specifically focused. If you have an audition, currently on set, or have a monologue you need help with,  our teachers will be able to help you. Private coaching is by appointment only and subjects to the availability of the teacher. Please check our Private Coaching page to learn more. 


Screenwriters are the creative starting point for any film project. Without a script, there is no character for an actor to perform. Blank Stage Acting Studio values its relationship with screenwriters in the Atlanta community and understands the immense benefit for both actors and screenwriters to collaborate and work together. On the one hand, actors have the opportunity to act out original scripts and become part of a process to create new characters. On the other hand, screenwriters get the opportunity to see their characters come alive in front of them thus providing instant feedback about their character, the scene, and/or the story-line.



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