Mya Morton March Madness!

This month has been an incredible month so far for Mya Morton, a member of Blank Stage Acting Studios adult class. Mya has been working diligently on her craft through character analysis and monologue mastery. As a new actor, she is unsigned. However, because of her class work and the publications of her hard work with monologues, Mya has booked several roles for herself. 4 to be precise! We are extremely proud of the hard work Mya continues to put into the craft of acting at the studio and the results show with the monologue performances and the booking of roles! Keep up the awesome work Mya!

If you are looking for a talented and dynamic actor for your film project or looking to add a talented actor to your roster, contact the studio or Mya directly!


February 18, 2017

February 28, 2017


Bless You – This is a pitch concept being produced by Project Green Light. This project is part of a film competition and if it gets picked, the project will be produced as a full feature film! Mya plays a support role. Her character, Raisin – a co-worker. This project was filmed at the beginning of March and the director of the film is Trinton Lumpkin.


Take Out the Meat – This is a short film. We cannot talk about the description of this short, however, Mya booked the lead role in this film as Brittney! This short begins shooting at the end of March and is directed by Darius Hill.


Settle for More – This is a short film where Mya is playing a support role as “Tess”. This short film is being produced this week and is directed by Valarie Dickenson.


IBBUR – Mya just got a call asking her to play the lead role in this short film that begins shooting the second week of April. Mya plays Anissa. The location for this project is in Birmingham, Alabama! The writers of this short are Dino Sarris and Ian Hoppe.


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