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Date(s): TBA on Wednesday nights. 
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm.
Place: Blank Stage Acting Studios
Cost: $350.00 per student
Length: 8 Consecutive Weeks (Showcase at the end) 


SpotLife Productions is a group process that brings an individual’s story to life on stage.  Many people have a desire to perform but face an obstacle – fear of public speaking, no idea how to start, or believe they lack creativity.  The process gently guides and encourages each participant to find and cultivate an idea, then shape and stage it, and finally, perform it to a live audience.  As Jim, a musician in California said, “SpotLife was a doorway to my dream of being on stage.  It provided a safe, encouraging environment to develop skills so I could do open mics.”  The professional coaches who lead the classes have expertise in public speaking and performing, and shepherd students through the process and the final performance.


SpotLife started in Santa Cruz, California. It was created by Clifford Henderson and Dixie Cox who the rights of SpotLife Productions to Christine Silver in 2015. Christine has since relocated to Atlanta and brought with her a unique class designed to help individuals overcome their fear of being on stage and speaking in front of audiences. Blank Stage Acting Studios is proud to partner with Christine and her partner Allison Wonders in testing a new class at the studio. This class will be held on Wednesdays for 8 consecutive weeks starting on March 1. The classes start at 2 hours each time then about halfway through we extend them to 3 hours as each person begins to workshop their pieces.  The scheduled time for this class is 7 pm to 10 pm and the expected class schedule is as follows:

Classes 1 – 3:  Content generation and introduction to the stage

The process for the first three classes involves writing exercises, get-to-know-each-other exercises, and a lot of getting on stage to read what they’ve written, tell stories, and experiment with dialog.

Classes 4 – 6:  Making the piece come alive through staging, props, and feedback

During the first part, each person finds his/her idea for the monologue. In the 4-6 classes, we begin working those monologues.  We have a feedback system and each person gets feedback from everyone along the way in a safe, positive manner.  Everyone gets coaching on breathing, rehearsal, staging and blocking, memorizing, and public speaking skills.

Class 7:  Dress rehearsal

In preparation for the final performance which will be done at the studio and in front of an audience, we will be spending one class doing a full rehearsal of the performance. This will allow you to make final adjustments and work out any bugs you feel you may have.

Class 8:  Live performance (Date TBD)

Our Final class is the performance. Think of this as your graduation test and celebration all in one. After 8 hard weeks of working on your monologue, practicing your delivery, and overcoming many personal obstacles, this is your final test. The reward you personally get from overcoming your fears and putting on a fantastic performance will boost your confidence 10 fold!


Registration for classes is now open. Because this is a very personal class with a lot of one on one time with the students, the class roster is limited to 10. When we fill up, you can ask to be put on a wait and to be contacted when the next class is scheduled. You will be offered the class first. All students must pay the class fee of $350.00 prior to the first day of class.

To learn more about the class or to register, you can contact Christine Silver by phone or email:


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