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Brent Brooks - Artistic Director | OwnerArtistic Director | Owner

Brent Brooks

Brent Brooks is born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. His passion for storytelling started when his late father Brad Brooks bought him an Hitachi video camera. Once in college, Brent would focus his passion of theater at Ga. State University. While in College, Brent took an improv class with local Atlanta legend Robert Lowe where his talent unleashed. Brent fell in love with storytelling and was lead to read "The Writer's Journey", a book that goes into great detail about the treasured story archetypes that unlock storytelling mythos. Brent's passion for the craft lead him to join forces with some of the industry's leading advocates for a new, kinder industry through organizations such as GET CONNECTED, KIDZ CONNECT, THE BLANK PAGE SCREENWRITING GROUP, and IMPROV-A-STORM to name a few. Brent has taped and coached actors for years helping them book roles and prepare for set, he's directed such films like THE GALLON CHALLENGE and ART OF SUICIDE. He has also produced commercials, web series, short films, comedy sketches and other new media projects. Now, his focus is on creating a different kind of acting studio that not only helps develop the actors of tomorrow but a studio culture of connections, support, and positive influence in and around the Atlanta film community.

Lilian Brooks - Studio Director | OwnerStudio Director | Owner

Lilian Brooks

Lilian Brooks is a Hispanic Actress. Her love for the arts started as a young girl, always being involved in school programs for music, dancing, and theater. At 21, she took a leap of faith and start her professional acting career in Atlanta, GA. Lilian has worked under the mentorship of her husband, Brent Brooks; learning to master the craft as well as working behind the scenes. Lilian enjoys the challenge and reward of mentoring other actors and continues to be an advocate for the latino film community.

Tony Veller, Jr. - Director of EventsDirector of Events

Tony Veller, Jr.

Tony Veller Jr is the son of co-owner Anthony Michael. Relocating from Ohio, Tony has taking the reigns of events held at Blank Stage Acting Studio. As our Director of Events, Tony is responsible for the scheduling, operations, and overall details of our workshops, showcases, and live events. During the week is also fills in as a student teacher to Art Director, Brent Brooks and is one of Blank Stage Acting Studios audition coaches and tapers.

Anthony Michael - Business Development | PartnerBusiness Development | Partner

Anthony Michael

Anthony Michael has a degree in business management with over 20 years experience in business development. Anthony has built a successful home remodeling company from the ground up and is the owner of Take Shape Corporation. He recently relocated to Atlanta, Ga to team up with Brent Brooks in order to help develop Blank Stage Studios, LLC. He is a proud father of four children and has 2 grand kids back in Toledo, Ohio. Blank Stage Studios, LLC is proud to have Anthony on board.

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Blank Stage Acting Studios has a passionate group of individuals determined to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for a specific class to take, join our membership program, need talent services or get connected with industry professionals, let us work with you and help you achieve the success you want to achieve!

  • Various class structures and workshops.
  • Talent Services (headshots, audition tapings, demo reels, and consultation).
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  • Events, networking, and personal development.
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